Crazy Idea – Sumo Vlogs

Tomorrow! #sumo #japan

I get these crazy ideas sometimes. Today’s idea was to film a series of YouTube videos explaining things about sumo for English speakers who might be interested in learning more about it. Our last trip to Japan, we would start to ‘adopt’ English speaking tourists at the tournament and explain things to them. It was fun! So why not make some videos about it so people who are going there, or who have been there can learn more about it?

File it under #crazyidea #someday

Drink Review – Growers Premium Cider Bing Cherry Flavour

I know I've instagrammed this before, but I needed another picture for blog purposes.

Since I’ve never been much of a beer drinker, my summer drink of choice has always been a nice cold cider (the fruity kind). Usually I don’t go for cherry flavoured beverages because they tend to taste like too sweet cherry-flavour and not necessarily cherries. But since this was a seasonal release I decided to give it a shot.

I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I do enjoy sweet beverages, so those who like them on the drier side should stick with the extra-dry apple cider instead. The cherry flavour isn’t overwhelming or candy-like. And it isn’t overly sweet either. Definitely glad to have picked some up to try!

Bean Progress Report – Month 10

With Bean getting super fast crawling speeds now, the question is no longer ‘is something in his mouth?’ It isn’t even ‘what’s in his mouth?’ Nope, it’s simply, ‘is it something we need to take out of his mouth?’ Thankfully, for the most part, the answer is ‘no.’

Speaking of things in the baby’s mouth, there are now three teeth with a fourth on the way. His worst teething times seem to keep hitting around noon. When it’s really bad he won’t eat, won’t nurse, and it’s a challenge even to get some Advil to go in. A cold wet washcloth has helped a bit, but otherwise it’s just been a lot of tears.

Bean already seems to be getting more particular about what he eats. Doesn’t like getting spoon-fed by mommy at all. For the most part this is ok since he’s eating a lot of cut up table food anyway. The way I make oatmeal it really works as a finger food too, so we’re all good.

We have reached the era of clapping – yay! Locutus is happy to have another person clapping at the end of our jam sessions too.

Things Bean is loving lately:

  • Peekaboo
  • Climbing stairs
  • Trying to climb in the fridge any time it opens
  • Kissing his reflection in the oven door
  • Crawling out the kitchen door any time it opens
  • Cruising with chairs, boxes, anything but the actual cruising toy

Between the heat, teething, and a summer cold, sleep has been extremely sporadic lately. I’m hoping it’ll even out a bit as we adjust to the routine of hot days and work out the best ways of keeping the house cool.

June Goals Report

June felt like a really great month for me. I’ve been feeling especially fit and creative, though not particularly organized.

Walk: 62.4 km
Buy a bike 0 / I did ride Benevolance’s 1.5 km
Wheel of Time: 0
Read: 3 books
Sew: 0
Crochet: 2 hats, finished kitten, 30% done diaper cover

I’m feeling hopeful that once we get the lab set up I’ll be making even more progress on the sewing and crocheting. There is a yoga challenge I’m following on Instagram this month (though I’m not posting photos doing yoga quite yet). I’m also hopeful that I’ll find time to see to a few appointments and get some much needed shopping done (bike and clothing).

My reading might slow down next month as there is a nonfiction book I’d like to read. Plus I wasn’t really feeling it for the current book I’m reading, so it’s been slow going.

How is your summer going so far?

Things I Want my Bike to Have

Think I'll just wear it all day. Feels like I'm in a war zone lately. #helmet

Decided it was silly to wait until I had my own bike when my husband’s bike was already hooked up to the trailer. So we all got our helmets on today and off we went. Not far, not fast, but we went. And it’s helping me figure out what I want in a bike.

  1. Definitely liked the more upright posture of a city bike!
  2. A nice big sturdy kickstand!
  3. Definitely need to go get properly sized! My husband’s is way too high for me so stopping was a bit interesting.
  4. A rear view mirror would also be nice so I can check on the kids.
  5. Easy dial gear change like Benevolance’s bike has.

I’m sure having a comfy saddle will be great too. I wasn’t really on for long enough to notice how comfy it was. In fact I was mostly thinking “don’t run into a wall … or a bollard … or a car … or a kid …”

Stretching my Musical Abilities

May need to learn a few lullabies on harmonica & keep 1 in my pocket. It totally just lulled Bean to sleep. #harmonica #music #lullaby

One of the parenting things I’ve been grateful for, is how it’s encouraged me to be making music for the boys. Musical expression is joyous no matter your ability level, and it’s something I’ve always loved to do.

We have a few harmonicas at home and bought a cheap recorder too. It is so much fun to jam with the boys! I don’t know how I ever made the recorder sound decent in elementary school (though maybe I actually didn’t?). Picking out melodies by ear for the harmonica is hard so I cheat. I’ve also looked up some harmonica tab for simple songs that Locutus is likely to hear in music class. Hopefully by the time he’s singing all the words by himself I can keep up on harmonica.

Drink Review – Nikka Whiskey From the Barrel

Nikka Whiskey From the Barrel #whiskey

Just to spice things up a bit, thought I’d start recording some drink reviews on my blog too. These may eventually migrate to a different home.

First up is Nikka Whiskey From the Barrel. I picked it because the box was sitting out and the bottle is so cute! Didn’t get a photo of it in the glass because I don’t drink whiskey/scotch myself. So this isn’t even my own review, it’s actually my reporting of Benevolance’s review.

This is a Japanese whiskey that was recommended by Benevolance’s brother. At first he wasn’t too impressed. But generally he drinks his whiskey neat. When he tried it again, this time with ice, he enjoyed it much more. It was reminiscent of a Spey side scotch.

This is definitely a treat for the liquor cabinet as it was $70 for a 500 ml bottle.