Dear Coffee Drinkers

As you know, we have recently moved to a new neighbourhood. While our townhouse was within easy walking distance of a Tim Horton’s and a Starbucks, our new place is at least a 10-15 minute walk away from similar coffee offerings.

As our household has no coffee drinkers, we generally do not keep the house stocked with coffee making paraphernalia. So talk amongst yourselves and decide if this situation requires changing.

Some jumping off points …

  • If a French press were available, would you use it to make coffee?
  • Is instant coffee an option?
  • We actually have a mostly unused coffee grinder…would you bring your own beans?

We will be hosting housewarming events and totally don’t expect gifts. So if some coffee drinkers wanted to buy us a ‘gift’ that was really just for their own coffee habits, we’d totally be ok with that, just FYI.

Welcome Home! Found a new playground.

Welcome Home! Found a new playground. #latergram #langley #playground

While there is a tiny playground just around the corner from us, it isn’t really big enough to keep Locutus busy for too long. Before we moved I was checking out the local parks online and hoped that this one would be promising. After coming by a couple times, I really kind of love it, and Locutus does too!

Playgrounds have come a long way over the years and this one has a lot of features I love. The focus is open ended climbing structures with equipment that does less, so the kids do more. There are only a couple swings and they are higher up, so I don’t need to worry about him running in front of them and getting hurt.

The park where this one is located is under development, so this little playground is fenced off from the field for the time being. It used to have a large treed area but most of the trees got taken out so they can add a bike area, which I’m sure the boys will appreciate when they are older.

I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time here this spring and summer!

Welcome Home! We Found a Duck Pond!

Welcome Home! We Found a Duck Pond! #latergram #ducks #willoughby #langley

On our very first walk around the neighbourhood we happened to find another little duck pond. This one is a little smaller than the old one and I’ve only seen three pairs of ducks there. They are very friendly and get quite close. It’s pretty clear they aren’t used to being chased by an energetic toddler.

This pond has a bit better access than the one in our old neighbourhood. The edge is much more flat and less muddy. There’s also a little patch of grass that Locutus can run around on.

I’m looking forward to making it one of our regular spots to visit!

Baby blanket complete :)

Baby blanket complete :)

After the craziness of getting things ready for Christmas I realized that I like making things for people and I like working with my hands. It’s very therapeutic and relaxing. Plus when you are finished you have an awesome sense of achievement because you just made an actual thing!

After hearing that my niece likes to pull her blanket up over her face when she sleeps, I wondered if her parents might like another knit/crocheted option for her (she has one knit by her great-grandma already). After getting the go-ahead from her parents, I went out and picked up yarn and some hooks to get started (I HAD to buy new stuff because mine were all packed). It took about 3 weeks, but I managed to finish it just before we moved. Hopefully it keeps her nice and warm. I know it kept me nice and sane during the packing!

The Piano

Looks like the piano fits perfectly!

One of the things we’ve been most looking forward to about the new place is reuniting my husband with his piano. We didn’t want to do several moves so the house we picked had to be large enough for our family to grow up in, plus have a room large enough to accommodate the piano.

We’ve only been here a few days, but already loving it. It’s so easy for Benevolance to sit down and play a bit. The sound is gorgeous and fills the house beautifully! It’ll be even better after we get a piano tuner in to tune it up too.

Now I just need to get used to keeping it clean. Anyone got any tips for me?

Bean Progress Report: Month 7

Even though he started out with definite brown hair, it’s growing in lighter than before (no change to the blue eyes though). Like his papa, Bean has a real variety of hair colours on his head and some great curls. Even though parts are pretty long I won’t let anyone cut it!

This last month saw the start of some separation anxiety. Locutus had a bit of this, but I’ve noticed more with Bean. He’s more particular about who he will warm up to and sometimes just gets overwhelmed being around a lot of people.

Bean is sitting up well, rolling, and doing lots of general wiggling about. Not quite crawling yet, but getting closer!

Despite lots of teething drama, he still hasn’t got any teeth! He did seem to be having a bit of an easier time this month. Despite the lack of pearly whites, he’s eating solids with gusto! During the crazy times of moving it was hard to try new foods with him. Now that we’re in the new house I’m looking forward to seeing how he likes pumpkin and avocado, which are both new to him.

Have I mentioned how noisy this kid is? Very vocal, especially when he’s excited or tired. I can tell when it’s close to nap or bed time when Bean starts to moan. Sometimes I have difficulty hearing over him.

Speaking of sleep, Bean has already established regular sleep patterns and gets quite cranky when he’s awake past his nap or bed time. Luckily he can fall asleep in the Ergo or car seat if we have to be out and about.

If you want a link to Bean or Locutus’s Flickr album, just remind me by email/comment/Facebook/twitter.

March Goals Report

I’m even more pleased with my progress in March, especially considering we were moving too!

Walked 45 km
Bike n/a
Read – 2 books and working on 2 more. Haven’t yet read an autobiography or listened to any more audiobooks.
Sew n/a
Crocheted 1 non-amigurumi project

I’m sure certain things will slow down for a while now that we’ve got the fun unpacking stuff to do.