Bean Progress Report – Month 12

The last month has been so busy! Our baby is firmly moving into toddler-hood, with all the wonderful personality quirks and aspiring independence that come with it!

Both boys love to be outside playing and exploring. Bean now points and knocks on doors (and even does a little ‘do’ grunt along with it) to show that he wants outside. Which is anytime we are near a door, or a family member has opened a door. If we are coming and going, we need to watch carefully because he will make a mad crawling dash for the door to try to escape.

His mischievousness doesn’t stop there either. Bean has been¬†well initiated into play-fighting by his older brother. He’s even thrown a few sucker punches to unsuspecting parents, children, and the aforementioned sibling. He’s enjoying putting toys in and out of all sorts of things. I have a hunch he may be more talented at this than his brother was, so we’ll need to keep a close eye on toilets! Bean has also mastered the kid basics of: fake sneezes, peekaboo, and crawl away from mommy during diaper changes.

Bean is doing lots of cruising and has really enjoyed practicing a lot of stairs lately. While he’s seemed about to take his first solo-steps several times, his poised lean has transitioned back to crawling instead of a stumbling step forward. His crawling is getting really fast though! With the arrival of fall and cooler weather, the short and pants have been slowing him down slightly, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he adjusts and is back up to speed again.

He already has particular views on what he will or won’t eat. But he’s quite good at communicating this to us and will shake his head if he doesn’t want something. Like his brother, he loves bananas and blueberries. Hasn’t been at all thrilled with any meats, though he does love beans, and hummus with carrots. The doctor says we need to fatten him up more. We started trying some smoothies, but he has turned them down as well. I’ve a hunch that all the not-mommy people (grandma, daycare, etc.) have more luck than I have! He is a sweetie when it comes to sharing though. I’ve known other kids who do the fake-offer of food, only to take it away again. But Bean really wants you to take the food from his chubby little fingers and eat it! I have a hard time refusing the dimple-faced grin that goes with the offer.

We are in the midst of nap transition time. Instead of 2 naps, he is getting 1 nap a day. This works well with the daycare schedule, but I feel he still does better with a short morning nap and then a bit of a longer early afternoon nap. We’ll see how things progress as he gets older though. His dinner time crabbiness may subside as he gets more used to the new sleep schedule.

Other tidbits:

  • Loves music! Bashing the piano and shaking maracas are his top 2 instruments. Requests a couple of our usual songs through his body gestures and baby talk.
  • Already shows his . . . passionate side when things don’t go his way. Like his brother he has ALL THE FEELINGS and must let everyone know!
  • For those who haven’t seen him in a while, his dark curly hair is now light curly hair. I’m interested to see if this is a summer thing or if the blonds are taking over the family.

That’s it for baby updates! If you’ve got questions or want a link to the Flickr photos, let me know. Since the blog lately has just been kid updates, I might post sporadically about how both boys are doing, though I may also just drop off the blogosphere entirely as well. Not sure yet.

August Goals Report

Here are the results this month:

  • Walk: didn’t check runkeeper as I know most of my walks didn’t get tracked
  • Bike: Guess I won’t be getting one this year after all
  • Read: 6 books (3 romances, 3 ya sci-fi)
  • Crochet: 2 more hats plus made progress with my ‘boxy’ amigurumi project

The End is Nigh!

The end of my maternity leave that is. I’ve only got one week left and then it’s back to work for me. So many things to do and all the feelings are happening right now. Needless to say, life is going to get turned upside down and shaken around for a bit. Then we’ll start picking up the pieces again and putting them in order.

I’m just writing this because I thought those few who do read this, deserved a post. So . . . here it is. Yes, this is all you get. If you want more, you’ll have to actually ask for it now.

July Goals Report

This update is late. Not feeling the blogging mojo lately. Or rather, I’m getting much more engagement when I micro-blog and don’t seem to have the time resources to put up the content here that I’d like to. Perhaps when I return to my desk job, that’ll improve? Or maybe not, who knows?

  • Walk 23km (probably more . . . since blasting my goal to dust I’ve been less motivated to track every walk)
  • Bike 0
  • Buy a bike – probably won’t at this point as it just hasn’t materialized yet. If certain things fall in to place, then it’ll become a definite priority again. But, there are still giant wild cards in the air.
  • Wheel of Time – very little audio of any kind and I’m mostly listening to podcasts instead. This may change depending on commute situation this fall.
  • Read 7 books! The key is YA and romance which both tend to be shorter, quicker reads.
  • Sew 0 – Machine has yet to be set up. Christmas presents are in danger of falling through cracks now people!
  • Crocheted a diaper cover and a couple of hats. Plus, I started work on my first self-designed amigurumi project, code name: Boxy. If it turns out well, I’d like to type up the pattern here on my blog. If I have time.

Bean Progress Report – Month 11

It really is true that the older you get, the faster the time goes. I’m already late for this blog post and late for his monthly photos too.¬†Bean has had a busy month as well full of exploring and learning about his world. He crawls very quickly now. Fast enough that he and Locutus are starting to play some very simple “chase” games. The simplicity of this game is inversely related to the level of noise they make playing it. He does a fair bit of cruising around as well, but can get places (and follow his brother) faster with crawling.

Bean has made his opinions of certain foods made very clear. He’s already picked up on the sign for ‘more’ and ‘berries’ and is working on a few others. Whenever I’m around, he still wants a certain amount of nursing time. But if I’m out of sight, I’m out of mind. Instead of fighting it, I’m just going to see how things work out when I return to work. He’s good with most foods, though I’ve noticed that he isn’t very interested in meats yet. But since he loves tofu, cheese, and beans, I’m not too worried about his protein intake.

Speaking of cheese, that’s one of the words he tried to say. He is very imitative and is starting to make the sounds of initial syllables for lots of things: no, more, cheese, teeth, tree, dog, cat, and car are a few of the ones that come up often.

Both boys LOVE the outdoors. At the sound of the door chime, Bean will furiously make a break for it, attempting to get to the great outdoors. Since our deck isn’t yet safe for him to be adventuring solo, I have to keep on my toes, or keep the back door locked. He gets quite upset when the door closes before he gets there too. If he can’t get outside to explore, his second favourite place to check out is the fridge.

The nice weather has brought us very frequently to the park. Now that he’s more mobile, he’s able to explore more of the structures and toys there as well. So far he enjoys the swings the most, though the teeter-totter and slide are pretty cool too (while being held by mom). Locutus sometimes like it when his brother joins him in these play activities too.

Teeth are still making their slow, painful progression in. He now has for that are through the gums and they just seem to continue steadily on. He is ok for the most part, but then will have a set of bad teething days. Pain seems to always strike around noon, during which time he won’t eat or nurse, but is just fussy and crying (and drooling a small personal river). Getting him a wet washcloth to suck/chew and a dose of Advil has been working ok so far.

Bean also shares his older brother’s excitement over dogs! We’ve met a wide variety at our local park. My favourite are the 2 larger dogs who are extremely well-trained! They live with kids and their owners have trained them to lie down and let the kids approach and pet them gently. Even when there is a group of kids jumping around them, they are incredibly calm and patient and I’ve only ever heard them bark at other dogs. Bean is slightly more reserved with them compared to his big brother (who tried to kiss them on the face) but I think as he gets bigger, he’ll have more confidence with them too.

Bean definitely needs his naps still. He occasionally skips them, but gets very cranky about it. He is also a little more of a morning lark like me. This is both good and bad since it means we have one kid cutting in to the evening time and one in to the morning time. I’m sincerely looking forward to the day when I can consistently carve out a little bit of time at either end of the day for non-parenting stuff.

Speaking of sleep, he is also a mover and shaker in his sleep with limbs flying about and huge re-positioning maneuvers. It is cute and funny when it doesn’t involve him trying to roll onto my face and neck. Or when he isn’t head butting my rib cage. Or nearly launching himself off the bed or into a wall. Actually, even with all the sleeping acrobatics, it’s still kind of cute and funny.

Some of his other favourite things: peek-a-boo, pretending to sneeze, turning lights on and off, splashing in water, music (especially row, row, row your boat), the toy knife from the play food, the toy screwdriver, playing tea with his brother, and cheering along with anything.

Crazy Idea – Sumo Vlogs

Tomorrow! #sumo #japan

I get these crazy ideas sometimes. Today’s idea was to film a series of YouTube videos explaining things about sumo for English speakers who might be interested in learning more about it. Our last trip to Japan, we would start to ‘adopt’ English speaking tourists at the tournament and explain things to them. It was fun! So why not make some videos about it so people who are going there, or who have been there can learn more about it?

File it under #crazyidea #someday