Book Review: 13 Little Blue Envelopes

13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelope, #1)13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I found out that this book also had a sequel coming out this year, I was hesitant to begin reading it. I didn’t want to fall in love with yet another ‘book 1’ and then have to wait for the next one to be released and find time to read it. This is why I usually only read complete series of books. Luckily, this book doesn’t have a cliffhanger type of ending. It’s wrapped up really well so that you still might want to find out what happens next, but the journey of the book is complete.

One of the cool things about the plot is that it reminded me a bit of Sophie’s World, except this book dealt with a more personal journey & art as opposed to a long drawn-out philosophy lesson (can you tell I thought Sophie’s World a bit too long?). I liked all the characters of the book and thought it was a generally very well told story.

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