How I learned to just stop worrying and love the Facebook

I’ve decided to re-activate my Facebook account. I’m really hoping it doesn’t make me all crazy like it did last time! In an attempt to minimize it’s annoyance and intrusion into my enjoyment of life, there are some specific guidelines I’m using.

  1. Family only – What convinced me to return was learning that one of our cousins was engaged to be married at a Christmas gathering. Apparently the news had come up on Facebook. That’s also how invites went out for the party. I’ve wanted the family to get involved in a central online scheduling and news aggregator for years and it turns out I was too dumb to notice that this is exactly how they’re using Facebook now.
  2. Longer more meaningful updates – Since I know my audience, I’m going to cater to them more and give better updates. This will help eliminate duplication of content between twitter and Facebook.
  3. Filter, filter, filter – Because my account will have a much more narrow focus, I’ll be filtering the content that I see as well. This will mean making good use of contact lists. Plus, if there are any family related apps, I’ll probably limit myself to those.

Even though I’m only using it for family, I’m not changing my stance on photos (eg. That we don’t want photos of Locutus on Facebook). However I will probably announce to Facebook when I upload to Flickr, so people can request guest passes then.

One of my past annoyances about Facebook was that family could see everything I updated. I’m really just reframing it so that this is used to my advantage instead of my annoyance. Isn’t it nice when we figure out stuff like that!

2 thoughts on “How I learned to just stop worrying and love the Facebook

  1. Yes. Yes it is nice when we figure this out. Thank you for figuring it out first, so I could steal it later and claim it as my own. ;-)

    • No problem! And hey, if I didn’t want these ideas stolen, I wouldn’t be blogging about them in the first place.

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