2012 Spring Review

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The first quarter of the year is behind us and now is a great time to review some of my goals and check in on my progress.

Locutus is almost 7 months old now and this stage presents some new challenges, but also removes some obstacles. For example, he can last longer between feeding sessions so I’ve got longer stretches of ‘doing stuff’ time for errands, chores, etc. But, he’s still demanding a lot of attention, so getting uninterrupted time to work on stuff or even just think is challenging (I’m writing this while he naps).


  • Read 50 books
  • Do a non-fiction reading challenge
  • Read 12 books on my to-read shelf

I’m doing quite well with pace, though the start of my non-fiction finance challenge is slowing me down (fewer ebooks).

I may need to spend some time consciously selecting books from my to-read list in order to remove 12 if them this year. I think I’ve only just started a book that’s been sitting on my to-read shelf, so I definitely have to work on this a bit.


  • Start a daily walking habit
  • Be able to run for 30 minutes by the end of the year

Don’t feel like I’m progressing much here unfortunately. Knee pain keeps flaring up, preventing me from gaining much momentum. Plus the state of my exercise clothes & how ill-fitting most of it is now is a little depressing. Haven’t even attempted to run in a long while.

But I did join Fitocracy lately and it’s helping motivate me a little. I keep trying to focus on tiny micro steps and lots of patience. I’ve started weighing in weekly too as added motivation to try and keep good eating habits. The spring weather is helping to get me outside and walking more too. I’ve also started taking photos of me and Locutus on each walk in order to work on my photography skills (& hopefully get some usable photos too).


  • Plan a trip to Japan in 2013
  • Research a trip to France or Hawaii

Not much progress here either. But Benevolance and I are starting to think of some possibilities for Japan in 2013. I think pinterest will be a good place to gather all of the possibilities there are too.

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