App Recommendations

These are the apps that either we discovered on our own, or were recommended to me from another source (probably from Dyan at And Next Comes L.) (Sorry, I may not have added links to all of these, but I’ll try to update it when I get more time.)

As a lot of these aren’t free, but if you install AppZapp on your phone, you can set up custom alerts for particular apps so that you get them on sale or free. You can also track a particular developer, getting alerts for new apps getting released.

For Regulating Emotions
Zones of Regulation
Zones of Regulation: Exploring Emotions

Speech with Milo: Sequencing

Role Play & Fun
Toca Boca – this developer makes amazing apps for kids! They have many everyday life scenarios for kids to explore and encourage creativity.

Lumos Labs – these are early and intuitive learning apps that have lots of mini-games that are fun for kids.

Reading Eggs

I’ve got a long list of other apps that have been recommended, but that I haven’t had a chance to personally check out yet (some because my son is past them, others because he’s not there yet, and some because we don’t have enough time/money to try them all at the same time.)

Stack the Countries
Barefoot World Atlas

Reading/letter/word matching
Reading raven
DDM reading
Mrs Owl A to Z
Grandma’s Garden

Bugs & Buttons – Counting
Bugs & Numbers – Diner
Bugs & Bubbles – Counting
Count 11 to 10 – how many?
Park math (Watermelon kite)
Matching numbers
Grandpa’s workshop
Happi 123
Preschool matching

Bugs & Numbers – Garage
Bugs & Buttons – Connect Dots
Count 1 to 10
Space Aliens
Connect Dinosaurs
Savannah – Order

Camp Pokémon
Pokémon Shuffle
Rush Hour Free

Rhythm Cat (they have other awesome music games too so I would suggest all of them)
Blob chorus (ear training app)

Math Doodles
Attributes by Math Doodles
Math Fluent Multiplier
Greg from Marco Toretta
Next Numbers (like connect the dots sort of)
Math Buzz
10 from IOJOE

The Foos
Scratch Jr

Social skills
Social Express
Think, Breathe, Do Sesame Street

1. WH questions by Super Duper Publications
2. Auditory memory from Webber Hear Builder
3. Comprehension Builder Free
4. Comprehension Builder Free 2
5. Describe it To Me (expensive, but looks great. We are just using the free version for right now.) This company (Smarty Ears) also has tons of other apps that look amazing.
6. Sequencing from Webber Hear Builder