March Goals Report

I’m even more pleased with my progress in March, especially considering we were moving too!

Walked 45 km
Bike n/a
Read – 2 books and working on 2 more. Haven’t yet read an autobiography or listened to any more audiobooks.
Sew n/a
Crocheted 1 non-amigurumi project

I’m sure certain things will slow down for a while now that we’ve got the fun unpacking stuff to do.

February Goals Report

Walked: 20 km
Bike: n/a
Wheel of Time audiobooks: n/a until the computer with the audio files gets unpacked in April
Books read: 1 – Emma by Jane Austen
Sewn: 0 until April in the new house
Crocheted: 0

Half the month we were still in super-clean house-for-sale mode. I’m really pleased with how much walking we’ve done though! Looking forward to getting back to sewing and crocheting though!

2014 Goals!

Better late than never, right? Things were so crazy getting our house ready for the market that I didn’t get a chance to work on my goal setting. Which is a shame since that’s one of my favourite things to do. So, here it is, just a month late.

I think monthly updates will be easier for me than quarterly, so expect these on the 1st of each month this year. And for these goals I’m going to try to pick things with easy metrics so I can literally see how my goals are progressing. And there are more goals than just these ones, but not all goals are so easy to blog about.

  • Walk 156km this year. That’s an average of 3km/week.
  • Buy a bike and kid trailer
  • Finish The Wheel of Time audiobooks
  • Read one auto/biography (I Am Spock?)
  • Read 50 books (I really, really will this year)
  • Sew one item just for myself
  • Sew Christmas gifts for the kids in the family
  • Crochet 4 amigurumi
  • Crochet 4 other projects throughout the year

What awesome things will you do in 2014?

Goal Review: The End is Nigh

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series 2013 Goals

Just realized that with all the goings on in September, I dropped the ball on blogging my goal review.

Definitely going to fall short on my goal of 50 books and I won’t get a chance to track down Usagi Yojimbo before the year is over.1 I’ll probably get most of the way through The Wheel of Time audiobooks though. In general I’m pretty happy with my reading progress this year regardless of goals achieved.

We continue to look forward to a trip to France one day. But we are keeping our plans very flexible since we’ve also started casually house hunting. If we find the right house it’ll likely put any major vacation plans on hold for a while.

I’m really happy that I’ve still managed to keep up with a toy rotation. It needs some work — bigger boxes and a 4th box to add to the mix — but with the bones in place, hopefully it’ll be just a matter of time to get the system refined and improved as toys come and go. I’m sure there will be a rough patch as we need to start working with toys for 2 age groups, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I am getting lots of chance to practice babywearing! I managed to do a tandem carry once I got the go ahead from my doctor to start getting active again. And I’ve done some nursing while wearing little Bean (must try to do more of this too!) Now that I’ve had a chance to get used to it too, I’ve got a new parenting babywearing goal . . . I want to get Bean into back carries by Christmas with a superman toss.2

I’ve also crossed another goal for the year off my list . . . taking a class with Locutus. We are currently doing a gym class on Saturdays. It involves a lot of running around, screaming, chaos and mahem. You can imagine it’s a 2 year old’s dream! It isn’t a terribly effective workout for me, but it’s nice to get him out with other kids in a more controlled and regular system.

Everything is pretty much on hold while I get ready for Christmas. But, since some of my projects were for Christmas anyway, it will still help me make progress. Notably, we just bought the fabric to make a stocking for Locutus and Bean.3

Fitness & Health Goals
I’ve stopped clocking how far I walk. Mostly just due to the inconvenience of having to fiddle with my iPhone as we start and stop our walks each day.

I’m totally ready to start doing some workouts (whenever time will allow) but want to look up some good exercises for those with separated ab muscles. The separation isn’t big, but doing too much right now could make it worse. Between breastfeeding, our walks (almost daily), and chasing after a toddler, I’m back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. However, I’d really like to start working on more strength exercises and get slowly working on some cardio as well (too much huffing and puffing). My energy this time around is already so much better and I know once I start getting some workouts in that it’ll help even more.

All in all, I feel like I’ve kicked 2013′s ass! It’s been a super-productive year and I’m already thinking about what to set my sights on for 2014. How has your year gone? You still have time to turn things around and end on a high note!

  1. Perhaps once I can read physical books without risk of my kids destroying them, I’ll do another graphic novel challenge? []
  2. You probably don’t understand all of what that means, but that’s ok. If you’re still super curious, practice your google-fu. []
  3. Bean doesn’t get anything in his stocking until he’s 2, but it’s a quick project so I may as well make both now. []

Revising Goals

Should have done this in the same post as my mid-year review, but I didn’t end up getting around to it.

As the year progresses, priorities shift and sometimes it’s silly to hang on to an old goal. Especially if seeing it on your list is just going to keep making you feel bad about not doing it. So there are a few of my goals that I’m revising so that I can keep focusing on development in that area, but not feel bad about not finishing the other goals.

Parenting Goals

  • Nightly walks between dinner and bed. That worked great during winter, but I haven’t really been doing this at all since spring. Evenings just get too crazy and busy.
  • Sign up for an activity/class with Locutus. Again, never happened. And I’m not going to worry about feeling bad about it. I don’t think he’s suffering.
  • Toy Rotation – Yay! I actually did this one! There is still lots of room for improvement. Which is challenging since we don’t have a lot of room for new toys. But I’d rather keep focusing on making this one better, than worry about the other two.

With the arrival of Aka-Chan II just around the corner, I also have some new parenting goals.

  • Learn to breastfeed while wearing the baby. I really think that this is going to be the difference between frustration and sanity when it comes to being home with a newborn and toddler.
  • Get outside each day with the kids. Even if it’s just a walk to the mail room and back. Fresh air and a little bit of activity will do everyone good and I can do this even in bad weather if we bundle everyone up.

Relationship Goals

  • Twice per month German updates. This hasn’t been happening as often as I like. I’m not really sure if my relatives are seeing the posts either. I won’t completely give up the goal, but I’ll revise it to doing posts in German as often as I can.
  • Once per quarter writing a letter. I’m going to just try to include something for a gift box for Germany instead. I’m thinking that if I make some Christmas ornaments for our tree this year, I can make a few more to send to them.

Fitness Goals

  • Resistance tube exercises at work. I bought some resistance tubes, but only used them a couple of times. Since I’ve only got about a month left, I don’t think this is going to happen.
  • Aquafit class with Locutus. Don’t think I’ve got time before Aka-Chan II arrives.
  • Longer workout 1 day per week. Again, hasn’t happened.
  • Keep a food journal. I still have hope for this one actually. It’ll be even more important to be mindful of food when I need the energy to take care of 2 kids instead of just 1.

New fitness goals for this year:

  • Get back to workouts as soon as I’m able to after Aka-Chan II arrives. So important for my energy levels, clearing my head, and having time for myself! When my maternity leave ends, I may even take out a gym membership since there’s one at work that is cheap and great according to everyone I’ve talked to.

I’m already considering some goals for 2014 as well and am looking forward to trying some new things with my post-baby-body.

Money Check Finance Goals

  • Recoup my investment in my side business. Hasn’t happened . . . yet. But I’m ok with that. Taking a break from the business entirely when baby comes and we’ll see how soon I’m ready to get back to it.

Got any new/revised goals for the second half of the year? Love to hear about them in an email or a comment!

Mid-Year Review: June Showers?

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series 2013 Goals

Wasn’t expecting to be writing my mid-year review post on yet another rainy day, but that’s the lower mainland for you!

In general I feel the year is going very well for me, but let’s see how much progress I’m actually making on my 2013 goals . . .


I’ve literally just finished the third audiobook in the Wheel of Time series. Still falling short on my goal of 50 books this year, but I’m hoping that later this year there will be more reading time for me! I’m still going to have to find the Usagi Yojimbo graphic novels, and the time to read physical books too.


Not much more progress in researching travel in France. And we had only a short bit of warm weather before getting a bunch more rain and crappy weather. However, we will be doing a road trip in the beginning of August down to Oregon. Unfortunately it’s for the memorial service for my Grandpa. We’ll see how Locutus and his pregnant mama fare on the long car ride there and back!


While we haven’t been walking each night, we have been getting regular time outside still. And, it looks like the first Friday in July I’ll get to meet up with a group of active mamas and go for a short hike. I’ll need to haul along a stroller, since I can’t use the Ergo anymore, but I’m looking forward to checking out the hiking trail as it’s one I’ve never been to before! Plus I’ll get to meet a bunch of other mamas and their kids too.

I’ve also managed to set up a toy rotation, which I think is going very well. We’ve just switched to the third and final box of the rotation and it’s so fun to see how happily Locutus picks up his toys to play with again. This box had the least amount of toys in it, so hopefully he won’t get bored with it all before the three weeks is up. With better weather approaching, we might be getting outside more in general, which will help prevent boredom too. I do think that he is exploring his toys more deeply than he did before, which is also part of the point of doing a toy rotation.

In dividing up his toys, I realized that he has a lot of toys that encourage motor skill development, but not a lot of social/pretend/language skill development toys. So I’ll be looking to fill in some of those gaps with some different toy sets that he can use to play pretend with.

Relationship Goals

I’ve continued to post to Facebook in German (am due for another post now actually). And am going to try to write out an actual letter soon too. Though that might have been a bit too ambitious a goal for me since I don’t generally do much letter writing.

Project Goals

My survival project has probably had the most progress so far. I’ve done an inventory and assembled a car emergency kit and gotten a bunch more first aid kit supplies for the house and emergency kit as well. I still need to figure out some next steps to fill in the gaps of our emergency kit, and then start tracking things down.

In crafty areas, things are slow-going. I did refashion some of my maternity clothing by dyeing a few of the pieces. There are still a few pieces left to dye though. One of my gift items (baby blankets) is off the list, but there are still others to work on. Plus, there are a few other creative projects that are calling my name. I probably won’t get to sew myself a wrap sweater though, since it’s looking like getting the Christmas stuff done will be taking up most of my sewing time.

Our garden seems to be doing fairly well (again, mostly Benevolance’s efforts). It’s a bit difficult to tend to the garden with Locutus in tow, since he doesn’t really understand much about plant care though. When last I checked, the lettuce we plants really looks like it took off! Hopefully we can start harvesting some of the veggies soon!

I’m actually really pleased that I’ve been so consistent blogging. Still need to build up a bit of a buffer again (hence why this post is a bit late), but still have lots of ideas to blog about, so I won’t be quitting any time soon!

Fitness and Health

I’m feeling pretty good about my Fitocracy 1% Challenge (it got renamed from the Spark Fitness challenge). With the recent round of colds in our house, I’ve been a bit short of sleep and energy for getting up to work out. But on days off, getting outside for some walking time helps. Plus now that I’m going to the Surrey Prenatal Clinic for appointments, I get some walking time in on all those appointment days too.

I haven’t managed doing a longer workout each week yet and would love to find more time for yoga. But since I’d like to follow one of my yoga DVDs, space constraints and time constraints have really not helped out in the matter.


We continue saving pretty well.

One of my challenges with my side business is that my schedule is always needing to flex for things. So there is no regular time for me to work on it and review income and expenses and such. So, it’s hard for me to see what kind of progress I’m making. I will be taking a break from it while on maternity leave, so hopefully I’ll have a chance to do some number crunching then.

I still can’t believe that the year is half over. How are you progressing on your goals?

Survival Project: Deciding What to Prepare for Next

Now that I’ve gotten all my basic first aid supplies topped up and an emergency kit for the car done, it’s time to figure out what to do next.

The amount we need to prepare for an emergency depends a lot on the type and severity of the emergency we’re faced with. So, I sat down and came up with a list of possible emergencies and then assessed their possible frequency and severity. Then I’ll be able to start ensuring we’re ready for the things most likely to happen first, and work our way up to getting prepared for the more rare occurrences.

Here is the list of emergencies I came up with in order of frequency:

  • Frequent
    • Power Outage
  • Occasional
    • Snowed/Frozen In
    • Wind Storm
    • Sewer Backup
  • Seldom
    • Earthquake
    • Tsunami
    • Job Loss
    • Fire
    • Civil Disruption
    • Emergency Evacuation
    • Flood
  • Rare
    • Medical Quarantine
    • Economic Meltdown
    • Zombie Apocalypse

Did I miss anything? Agree with my ranking of frequency? What would you prepare for first?