June Goals Report

June felt like a really great month for me. I’ve been feeling especially fit and creative, though not particularly organized.

Walk: 62.4 km
Buy a bike 0 / I did ride Benevolance’s 1.5 km
Wheel of Time: 0
Read: 3 books
Sew: 0
Crochet: 2 hats, finished kitten, 30% done diaper cover

I’m feeling hopeful that once we get the lab set up I’ll be making even more progress on the sewing and crocheting. There is a yoga challenge I’m following on Instagram this month (though I’m not posting photos doing yoga quite yet). I’m also hopeful that I’ll find time to see to a few appointments and get some much needed shopping done (bike and clothing).

My reading might slow down next month as there is a nonfiction book I’d like to read. Plus I wasn’t really feeling it for the current book I’m reading, so it’s been slow going.

How is your summer going so far?

May Goals Report

May Metrics

Walk 25.6 km. There have been a lot more ‘toddler-speed’ walks with Locutus on his feet instead of the stroller. It’s nice that he’s slowly learning to listen and be safe, but we definitely don’t go as far. Plus I’ve been forgetful and simply didn’t track a few, or forgot to stop tracking when we got home.

I’m already over 80% of my annual goal having walked 128km out of 156km. I’d say that my total would help inform next year’s goal but I’ll be back at a desk job instead of running around with my kids then. I’m thinking next year might be a ‘yoga every damn day’ challenge though.

Buy a bike and kid trailer 1/2 – someone saw that we meant to get a bike trailer on Facebook and they were meaning to sell theirs so everything just kind of fell together nicely. Once I get a bike for myself I’m hoping to get even more adventures going with the kids this summer!

Wheel of Time 0

Read 1 book. (But it was book 5 of Game of Thrones.) I’ve read 14 out of my 50 book total. Benevolance just picked up and read Scott Westerfeld’s ‘Uglies’ series and I’ve picked up a bunch of new ebooks as well. Looking forward to jumping in as soon as my Game of Thrones rest period is over. (Sometimes you need a break after reading a certain book/series, ya know?)

Sew 0

Crochet – 90% done with a white kitten amigurumi for Locutus. Then I may need to start making some diaper covers for Bean.

April Goals Report

In case you need a weapon, take this bag full of brass doorknobs.
April Metrics

Walk 35.1km
Buy a bike and kid trailer 0
Wheel of Time 0
Read 3 books
Sew 0
Crochet 0

Another really slow month. We’re hoping to get the craft room set up soon and then hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some sewing. I actually did more walking than this, but didn’t track a few and had a few technical difficulties.

The photo has no bearing on this post, I just thought the doorknobs made an interesting shot.

March Goals Report

I’m even more pleased with my progress in March, especially considering we were moving too!

Walked 45 km
Bike n/a
Read – 2 books and working on 2 more. Haven’t yet read an autobiography or listened to any more audiobooks.
Sew n/a
Crocheted 1 non-amigurumi project

I’m sure certain things will slow down for a while now that we’ve got the fun unpacking stuff to do.

February Goals Report

Walked: 20 km
Bike: n/a
Wheel of Time audiobooks: n/a until the computer with the audio files gets unpacked in April
Books read: 1 – Emma by Jane Austen
Sewn: 0 until April in the new house
Crocheted: 0

Half the month we were still in super-clean house-for-sale mode. I’m really pleased with how much walking we’ve done though! Looking forward to getting back to sewing and crocheting though!

2014 Goals!

Better late than never, right? Things were so crazy getting our house ready for the market that I didn’t get a chance to work on my goal setting. Which is a shame since that’s one of my favourite things to do. So, here it is, just a month late.

I think monthly updates will be easier for me than quarterly, so expect these on the 1st of each month this year. And for these goals I’m going to try to pick things with easy metrics so I can literally see how my goals are progressing. And there are more goals than just these ones, but not all goals are so easy to blog about.

  • Walk 156km this year. That’s an average of 3km/week.
  • Buy a bike and kid trailer
  • Finish The Wheel of Time audiobooks
  • Read one auto/biography (I Am Spock?)
  • Read 50 books (I really, really will this year)
  • Sew one item just for myself
  • Sew Christmas gifts for the kids in the family
  • Crochet 4 amigurumi
  • Crochet 4 other projects throughout the year

What awesome things will you do in 2014?

Goal Review: The End is Nigh

This entry is part 11 of 11 in the series 2013 Goals

Just realized that with all the goings on in September, I dropped the ball on blogging my goal review.

Definitely going to fall short on my goal of 50 books and I won’t get a chance to track down Usagi Yojimbo before the year is over.1 I’ll probably get most of the way through The Wheel of Time audiobooks though. In general I’m pretty happy with my reading progress this year regardless of goals achieved.

We continue to look forward to a trip to France one day. But we are keeping our plans very flexible since we’ve also started casually house hunting. If we find the right house it’ll likely put any major vacation plans on hold for a while.

I’m really happy that I’ve still managed to keep up with a toy rotation. It needs some work — bigger boxes and a 4th box to add to the mix — but with the bones in place, hopefully it’ll be just a matter of time to get the system refined and improved as toys come and go. I’m sure there will be a rough patch as we need to start working with toys for 2 age groups, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I am getting lots of chance to practice babywearing! I managed to do a tandem carry once I got the go ahead from my doctor to start getting active again. And I’ve done some nursing while wearing little Bean (must try to do more of this too!) Now that I’ve had a chance to get used to it too, I’ve got a new parenting babywearing goal . . . I want to get Bean into back carries by Christmas with a superman toss.2

I’ve also crossed another goal for the year off my list . . . taking a class with Locutus. We are currently doing a gym class on Saturdays. It involves a lot of running around, screaming, chaos and mahem. You can imagine it’s a 2 year old’s dream! It isn’t a terribly effective workout for me, but it’s nice to get him out with other kids in a more controlled and regular system.

Everything is pretty much on hold while I get ready for Christmas. But, since some of my projects were for Christmas anyway, it will still help me make progress. Notably, we just bought the fabric to make a stocking for Locutus and Bean.3

Fitness & Health Goals
I’ve stopped clocking how far I walk. Mostly just due to the inconvenience of having to fiddle with my iPhone as we start and stop our walks each day.

I’m totally ready to start doing some workouts (whenever time will allow) but want to look up some good exercises for those with separated ab muscles. The separation isn’t big, but doing too much right now could make it worse. Between breastfeeding, our walks (almost daily), and chasing after a toddler, I’m back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. However, I’d really like to start working on more strength exercises and get slowly working on some cardio as well (too much huffing and puffing). My energy this time around is already so much better and I know once I start getting some workouts in that it’ll help even more.

All in all, I feel like I’ve kicked 2013′s ass! It’s been a super-productive year and I’m already thinking about what to set my sights on for 2014. How has your year gone? You still have time to turn things around and end on a high note!

  1. Perhaps once I can read physical books without risk of my kids destroying them, I’ll do another graphic novel challenge? []
  2. You probably don’t understand all of what that means, but that’s ok. If you’re still super curious, practice your google-fu. []
  3. Bean doesn’t get anything in his stocking until he’s 2, but it’s a quick project so I may as well make both now. []