How to steal my photos (or, how to download them off Flickr in 3 easy steps)

Now that you’ve gone ahead and signed up for Flickr & added me as a contact, you should be getting emails every time I upload photos. Not everyone wants to go online to see photos though, so this tutorial will teach you how to download the photos you like to your own computer. From there you can set them as your screensaver or desktop, or get them printed out from your favourite photo printing service. This will work if you have a Flickr account or if you’re viewing the pictures with an emailed guest pass.

  1. Step 1: Select the picture you’d like a copy of.
    Select the flickr photo
  • Step 2: Under the actions menu, select ‘view all sizes.’

    Select 'view all sizes' from the Actions menu

  • Step 3: Select the size you’d like and then click the link to download it.

    Select the size you want and click download

  • It’s really just as simple as that!

    How to be automatically notified when pictures of Locutus are uploaded (How to sign up with Flickr in 5 easy steps)

    Full disclosure right from the start… this post is selfishly motivated. The more people who follow these steps, the less work it is for me to manually email everyone once a batch of Locutus photos have gone up. This is exactly the kind of thing that technology makes easier for us. If you already have a Yahoo! account just sign in with that and follow the rest of the instructions. BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT HAVING YET ANOTHER ACCOUNT TO CHECK … after setting this up, you would never need to remember to come back to your Flickr account as everything will be emailed to your preferred email address.1 This will generate some email for you, but you can limit the frequency to weekly if you want.

    • Go to landing page
    • Create an account/sign upFlickr sign up box
    • List your preferred email address when it prompts you for an alternate email addressFlickr account sign up screen
    • Search for my name & add me as a contact. This will automatically notify me & then I will list you as a friend or family memberFlickr search results
    • Edit your account notification settings and make these 2 changes:
    • set your preferred email address as your default address
    • select your update frequency according to your preferenceFlickr account notifications

    See how easy that was? Now every time I upload photos, Flickr will automatically let you know. The emails even have little picture previews so you can decide if you want to click-through to see more or not. Plus, if you ever are signed in to your Flickr account, you will be able to come over to my photostream and look through all of the photos I’ve marked as private for family & friends.

    If you’ve got questions about the process please leave a comment! Or if you’ve tried to set it up but something went wrong I’d be happy to try to help you fix it!

    1. Though you should still try to pick a password you can remember just in case you need to enter it again []