Facebook & why I’m no longer there

So I decided to deactivate my Facebook account so you won’t find me there anymore. Since no one has been frantically emailing me about it, I’ll assume my absence there has gone largely unnoticed.1 Several things lead up to the decision . . . mostly, it was the fact that Facebook decided that I was posting spammy links. So every time I updated my status, I would get logged out from every interface (my work computer, my home computer, & my iPod) and then I’d have to log back in and click through their helpful information about spammy links, and then decline posting a warning about spammy links to my wall for my family & friends so that they would be able to learn about the dangers of spammy links as well. And I’d have to do that with every interface, after every update.

I didn’t spend much time on Facebook anymore, since I find twitter to be a much better fit for me. I very rarely think to keep up with people by checking their profiles and I didn’t do much by way of sharing photos there, writing on people’s wall, or writing comments. And I’d already locked down my profile a lot because of Facebook’s sketchy privacy policies anyway. For every useful feature of Facebook, there’s another social media venue that I can use to do the same thing. And while it seems counter-intuitive to spread out all of these individual facets to different services, I actually kind of like it that way. It means that those services can focus on doing that one thing very well. Like the saying goes . . . Jack of all trades is master of none.

Finally, I find that it is no longer a very useful way for me to keep in touch with people. All my ‘Facebook friends’ are either people that I don’t have much interest in keeping in touch with or people I keep in touch with other ways anyway. And the people that Facebook would be most useful for keeping in touch with, either aren’t on Facebook, or use it so seldom that it isn’t a very efficient way of keeping in touch with them anyway.

Now the account isn’t completely deleted. Which means I can change my mind and reactivate the account at any time.2 Plus, I still get notifications if people email me through Facebook or groups that I was a part of have events or send out messages.

In case anyone is interested, here are the ways that we can still connect online3 . . .

  • Here . . . through my blog, of course
  • Twitter @Jennerosity for status updates & sharing links
  • On Flickr for my photos
  • On pinterest for things that visually inspire me
  • On goodreads for the books that I read
  • And I’m also on LinkedIn4
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  1. With the exception of one person I used to work with. Apparently she watches her friend total very closely so she knew that someone had left . . . just not who. []
  2. Though I sincerely doubt that I will go back full time. []
  3. these are just the ones that I use most often []
  4. though I really need to complete my profile there and keep it more up to date []